Calculations i R

Untill I have found a solution follow link to some af the calcualtions made with R.

Link to page where cT3 and TRH is chosen as parameters. LINK

Link to a page where TRH and FT4 are chosen as parameters – with some explanation. LINK


The pituitary receives information TRH from the hypothalamus and sends information TSH to the thyroid depending on the state of T4 and T3 in the body.

GH: the secretory capacity of the pituitary

TABLE 2. Decrease GH (/10) STANDARD FIGURES Increase GH (*10)
TRH 2500 2500 2500
TSH 0,6877 1,8 5,0176
TT4 61,3794 121,94 198,1946
FT4 8,8943 17,67 28,7197
TT3 1,6187 3,21 5,2267
FT3 2,6934 5,35 8,6966
cT3 5937,4311

These are the standard curves:

Increased GH increased TSH/T4 and the opposite with the decreased values. It seems as if fT4 despite fluctuations falls slightly over the 30-day simulation