Tornado plot – GT

Decreased GT

3.375E-13 -TSH
3.375E-13 – FT3
3.375E-13 – FT4

Standard GT

Standard -TSH
Standard – FT3
Standard – FT4

Increased GT

3.375E-11 – TSH
3.375E-11 – FT3
3.375E-11 – FT4

Accordingly, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism present adaptive challenges to the homeostatic system to restore euthyroidism or at least ameliorate the dysfunctional state.

Resulting tornado plots show that the influence of various structure parameters on TSH level also depends on the overall function of the feedback loop, suggesting a distorted reaction in hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism (see above). The overall relation appears to be modulated by additional regulatory loops other than the classical feedback control in the different functional states. Both the log TSH-FT4 analysis and the alternate model based on non-competitive divisive inhibition, while different in their methodological approach, yield comparable results.

Of notice:
For TSH – betaS is the most sensitive parameter

Clearance exponent for peripheral TSH is 2,3 x 10-4s-1 Calculated from plasma half-life of 50 min ([11 : Therefore, the elevated plasma TSH levels found in hypothyroidism are a result of both slower degradation and increase in rate of secretion.), 12])

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